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Be Able to Select The FROM address on the "ADD MANUAL ORDER" page

I know you can edit the "FROM" address once you've entered the manual address, but half of the time, by then, I've forgotten and the FROM address is the default one and not the one that I want. 

We have 8 "FROM" addresses. Only 3 automatically pull into Shipping Easy (and therefore choose the correct FROM address), but when we are entering any that don't automatically pull in, it would be nice if RIGHT ON THE ADDRESS ENTRY PAGE, that I could select from a drop down of my 8 addresses so that it is shipping from the right company/person.

For example, in red in the sample image below.

Gena Dean

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Hi Gena,

I see how this would help with Quick Ship for customers that have several manual  store names under one user, I have recorded your feature request and will relay it to product. 


Matthew Fox. 

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