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Quick override/toggle of Ship From Postal Code.

Hi Guys,

I always have the Ship From Postal Code set in my Paypal store since my products are drop-shipped from a location (Chicago, 60804) different from my own (Oregon, 97330). 

The problem is that when I want to originate a label that I ship from Oregon (which I often do), I don't have any way of overriding the Chicago 60804 "Ship From Postal Code" unless I go into settings and change the store setup. 

This is a huge pain. It takes a lot of extra time since I usually have the label created, then realize I have to change the ship from postal code. So I have to kill the label, change the store settings, and then recreate the label. ugh. And often I forget and end up with the wrong postage price.

I would greatly appreciate it you could add a simple feature to override the Ship From Postal Code on the create shipments screen. This way I could make the change to my postal code, 97330, on the fly while I'm creating the label.

(Note that this is an issue on both normal Create Shipments as well as Quick Ship label and Quick ship return.)

Thanks very much!


greg kise



Hello Greg, 

Thank you very much for the detailed post. Detailed cases like this are very helpful! We've documented your request and it will be under consideration. If there are customers with a similar request, we will ask them to comment or follow this post. 


Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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YES this!  I've been asking for EVER for this!  It's such a hassle and it seems like it should be something fairly simple to implement (ok ok I am not a coder so I don't know)  But I am a customer and I find the lack of intuitive integration for this incredibly frustrating!  I get so much crap from my Post Office because I'm always forgetting to go back into my general settings to change the ship from.  It actually delays packages as they shuttle to the ship from location and THEN start its route. FIX THIS SOON PLEASE!  It shouldn't be this hard.

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