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Please add integration with


We sell quite a lot of products on It has become a pain to do the shipping manually. Could you please add integration to your platform?






Hello Raymond, 

Thank you very much for your post.  We will consider this as a possible option for the future. To help us get a better understanding of, can you share a couple pieces of information, it helps to understand the merchant on each store platform:

1) Do you sell on any store platforms other than
2) Which shipping carriers do you use?
3) Are there specific carrier services you use most often?
4) Do you ship domestic and international?
5) Could you share your average monthly shipments via (an estimate is just fine)?

Furthermore, the more interest we hear about a store platform, the more likely we will be to develop it. If you know of other vendors that sell on, ask them to comment or follow this post and it will help us to consider this store platform. 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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