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Carrier specific shipping report

I would like to be able to export a report for shipments sent using a specific carrier. In my case, this would be for FedEx.

We had a FedEx shipment go missing that was never scanned as "picked up" by FedEx. If I had a daily shipping report with just my FedEx shipments, I could then have FedEx sign it on pickup. This would help me hold FedEx accountable for shipments, between our warehouse and their truck/scanners.

We also use another FedEx shipping program, which leaves me with multiple separate reports for the FedEx driver to sign every day. The simpler it would be to obtain from ShippingEasy the better.

Kim Aho

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Hello Kim,

Thank you very much for your detailed post. This is very helpful for us to help consider your request. We've logged your request and details, it will be under consideration for prioritization. 

One option that may be able to assist is the meantime is our current Custom Reports feature. You could build a custom report that includes the tracking number, order number, date,  and carrier. You could then export this report to Excel/ Google Sheets and sort down to all Fedex shipments.  I understand it sounds like you are looking for something a bit more automated, but I hope this would be able to help your current process.

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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