Need SKU numbers on UPS labels


My company has found the most efficient way to pack our shipments is to have the SKU number printed on the label.  This has been working great for the USPS shipments we've been doing.  However, we've negotiated rates with UPS and have started using them instead.

UPS offers 2 reference lines at the bottom of the label.  You currently only use one of those - for the order number.   Can you please allow us to use the second line to put SKU's on just like the USPS allows?

This is such a big deal to my company that we may have to go to shipstation, which I'd rather not do...  They have this ability - so I would think you guys could do it as well.



Hello Joe,

This is a feature we are interested in pursuing and we are currently researching this feature. Once we finish the research of this, we will work to write, test, and deploy this feature. As there is some variability to this process, we do not have a specific release date at this time. 

As soon as we have an update on this feature, we will update this post. Keep an eye out for updates and happy shipping!

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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Shipping Easy team - Any update on this?


I would also like to add the qty to the sku list on the label, so we don't need a packaging list.

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Hello Nidhi, and thank you very much for your feedback!

While we have added the ability to add SKU information to UPS labels, using the step-by-step instructions in the link below, we do not currently have an option for Quantity.

How to: Customize UPS domestic shipping labels

Since this particular request is complete, would you consider reposting your specific needs and interest as a new post in our Feature Requests forums?  That will allow us to direct other customers with similar requests to share their feedback in your post.

Thank you.


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