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Integrating with Etsy's new Inventory Tools



Last week Etsy moved my shop to an Opt-Out status after making desperately needed upgrades to their inventory tools.  I am unable to benefit from these upgrades because I wish to continue using Shipping Easy.  When I inquired with Etsy about this, I was told, "Many of our app partners are already hard at work to make updates to support the new inventory tools and attributes. If you would like more information on when a particular app will be updated, you can reach out to them directly or select their name from to check their updates."

can you tell me if Shipping Easy is working on this or if I need to find another shipping system that is compatible with Etsy's upgraded system.




Meredith Answered

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Hi Meredith, 

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you decided to opt-out of the recent inventory updates made by Etsy. Can you please provide some more information on the specific issue that caused you to opt-out of Etsy's updates? Were you no longer able to use your ShippingEasy account?

I ask as although ShippingEasy doesn't yet pull in the new SKUs available on your Etsy orders we should still be compatible with their new system. Your orders should continue to pull in and update to shipped as they always have. If you experienced something different than this when your account was enabled, then I would recommend you reach out to our Customer Success team. They can be contacted via phone, email or chat located in the top lefthand corder of your account (when you're logged in). 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]




Hi!I didn't choose to opt-out. Etsy pulled my store into the "opt-out team", meaning I would be able to use the old version until early May when I will be forced to use the new inventory system, which currently they are saying does not integrate with Shipping Easy. If I leave the "opt-out team" before Shipping Easy makes any adaptations, I am told by Etsy that they can not guarantee my orders will be correct if I use Shipping Easy.I don't want to leave Shipping Easy, but unless I am guaranteed that the app is upgraded and interfaces with the changes Etsy has made, I won't have a choice.Thanks, and I look forward to your response.

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Hi Meredith, 

Thank you for the update. I assume that if Etsy pulled your store into the "opt-out-team" that they should also be able to move you back onto the new system. Is that correct? 

Though our app displays a warning in the Etsy Seller Portal it is still compatible with their new system. As you can imagine there are many other Etsy sellers, like yourself, who use ShippingEasy and have not had to opt-out of the new system. Your orders should continue to pull in and update to shipped as they always have. For this reason if you would like to move back to their new system you should have no issue doing so. ShippingEasy won't yet pull in the new SKU values assigned to your products/orders but all the previous functionality and order information is still supported. 

We are also speaking with Etsy in regards to the warning that is displayed on our app, as I understand that it is a little misleading. Please be advised that you should not experience any issues using ShippingEasy and the new Etsy interface. 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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