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Ready to Print Page: Copy Tracking Number Button

Save a ton of time if we could just copy the tracking number by clicking a button on the Ready to Print page next to the "Print" button. We currently have to go to the shipping history page and copy it from there.




In fact, the script could just copy the Tracking Number into the clipboard every time you click 'Print'..

It would change anything visibly but would definitely help (you could even use the Paste to quickly find the label to reprint!)

Steve Mayfield 1 vote

Hello Da and Steve,

Thank you very much for the post. Would you be able to share some details as to why you are copying the tracking number? We would like to learn a bit more to see if there is a current feature within our application that may be able to assist with your use case.

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

ShippingEasy 0 votes

Because currently (I know this is a shocker..)  Shipping Easy doesn't integrate with every service (Shopatron for example).

Since the shipping history does not sort by the last package shipped on top, every time we ship a package for a service that Shipping Easy doesn't support (like Shopatron..), we have to either:

1)     Got to shipping history page, wait for it to load, search through the list for the package you just printed (which on a busy day could be on page 2 or even page 3), highlight and copy the tracking number for it


2)     Take the package, go to the other service (say Shopatron (hint.. hint..) and scan the label, go back to the beginning of the scan, and delete the first 8 digits that scanned as they are not a part of the actual tracking number.

Either way, in this great world of Shipping Easy, where everything is quick, easy, and accurate, both of these options are clunky, slow, and very prone to making mistakes.

Steve Mayfield 0 votes

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