Ability to generate commercial invoice for USPS international shipments


Some countries require a commercial invoice (in addition to normal USPS customs forms).  Specifically Germany and France.  It would be great to have the option to generate a commercial invoice for any international shipment, much like the capability that exists for UPS shipments.

Additionally it would be good to have the ability to map it to the declared customs value (instead of the order total) or make it editable for a specific amount.

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Hi John, 

Thanks for the updated response. We are not showing this as a prioritized request on our current product roadmap, but that does not mean things will not change. 

The USPS Commercial Invoice, PS Form 6182, is used for a service called Global Expressed Guaranteed (GXG). If we extend our carrier services to include GXG, these forms should then be available. 

What is Global Express Guaranteed?

I've gone ahead and updated the request.  As we already have a running thread regarding the carrier request, please feel free to comment/like/follow on this thread.

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Hello John,

Thank you very much for your request. These specific export documents are not available through ShippingEasy at this time; I have logged your requests and it will be under consideration. If there are updates to your request, we will update this post. 

Happy Shipping,

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product]

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I echo John's remarks about this. Having the ability to include a commercial invoice for International USPS shipments would be great since it's required. Ordoro does this and we're looking to move from Ordoro to ShippingEasy.

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Well, that was three years ago...   any update on this feature?

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