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DHL Rates quoted correctly for account


 Hello, It would be nice to see the actual rates DHL charges for international shipments within ShippingEasy. This rate would be pulled from the user's DHL account, so it is specific to each user. Without this feature, it's a guess/estimate on ShippingEasy's part. This guess can be about $15 more than what DHL charges, so it's hard to use currently.

Stylus Sling Answered

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Hello Stylus, 

Would you be able to share if this is for DHL Express or DHL Ecommerce? DHL Ecommerce is unfortunately not able to display rate quotes in ShippingEasy as there is not a direct integration at this time. For DHL Express, you should be able to see your DHL Express rates you'll just to ensure you have the appropriate rate type selected. 

Note, there are some DHL Express shipments that cannot display a rate due to the destination. You can read more about this HERE. 

adilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product]

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