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Stitch Labs Order Notes

The system is pulling the shipping method chosen by customer into shipping easy as a note. Which is confusing and doesn't distinguish between when there is an actual customer note or not. It's really throwing off my team.

I sell on Shopify but had Stitch Labs hooked up to Shipping easy. Need an fix for this fast! Or pull 'shipping method' from orders into internal notes instead of customer comment since it's not. Please help ASAP. 

Katie Seller

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Hello Katie, 

ShippingEasy is able to pull in requested services (such a First Class) into the Requested Service column in ShippingEasy for StitchLabs. Here's an example from our test account:

If you are seeing that the Requested Service is pulling into a different field, it is likely a configuration issue within Stitch Labs. In our test StitchLabs store, the requested service field is displayed under the "Additional Notes" section in StitchLabs, and will map into ShippingEasy as a Requested Service rather than customer note.

If you have any additional questions on this, feel free to follow up with the support methods listed in the upper left hand corner of the application. We will be happy to help

Madilynn T. 

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