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Optionally NOT marking orders as shipped when creating shipement

ShippingEasy has a checkbox option when we use the manual "Mark Order As Shipped"  feature that reads: "Update order status to 'Shipped' in my store"

This is very helpful when we are creating a partial drop shipment.  

For example:  Customer orders ItemA and ItemB.   ItemB is drop shipped direct from the warehouse to the customer, and ItemA is backordered for a few days.  

We simply use the "Mark Order As Shipped" option to update the tracking number that we received from the warehouse for ItemB, and uncheck the "Update order status to 'Shipped' in my store" so that the order remains "unshipped" in our store software.  

In this way we can see that order has not yet shipped (because we still owe him ItemA)

I think you need this same check box option when creating a normal shipment, (not just when manually marking an order as shipped).   This would help us with "partial shipments"

Consider that same example I listed above - but what if BOTH items were shipping direct from me (but one item is on backorder).  If I had an option to uncheck "Update order status to 'Shipped' in my store." for a normal shipment,  I can partially ship an order and have it remained not marked as shipped in my store software (which removes it from the "orders that need to be shipped" screen in my softtware.

I know that I can split shipment in ShippingEasy - but a simple checkbox on the create shipment page would be much faster and easier to train new employees.

In searching the forum - I see that this feature has been requested by others in the past.   So if you are wondering if anybody else thinks it is a good idea - please count me as one of them.   Should not be too hard for you to implement.  You already have all the logic in place on the "Mark Order As Shipped" page.

William Madonna Jr.

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