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Auto print packing slip just like label once order is confirmed... and not 4x6

Once I've confirmed details of an order and submit it, it auto prints the label the way I want but I also need a packing slip to print and not on 4x6. I have connecteasy setup with 2 different printers. Would be nice to have options to auto print and specify number of prints for the packing slip. We always print 2. 1 to go with the shipment and the other for our records.





"Print later" for everything. Then go to the "ready to print" page, left column, "print labels and print packing slips". With connecteasy it should print from both printers. Then refresh the page and/or on the right column of the "ready to print" search for the bundle you just made. Hit the print packing slips again.

Second Workaround.

Go from paper records to paperless. My team uses gmail for all messages, order shipment confirmations etc. Nothing gets deleted. Nice trail for searching orders. Hard to organize with spreadsheets or whatever, but easy to search records for one particular person.

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Hello Jesse, 
Thank you for your post! While Amtone is correct, we do not currently support this feature.

You are able to currently print packing slips from the Orders page, Ready to Print, and Shipment History screen. I've added in a request to consider support for printing a packing slip automatically, even if it is on two separate printers. 

If we have an update to this feature request, we will post it to this page. We will also ask customers with a similar request to post here. 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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