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It would be very very useful if in the customer section you could "code"  a customer so when they order it would flag or identify the customer in the order section.

For Example

Lets say there was a problem order you could flag the customer so when they reorder in the future we could triple check to make sure there is not a repeat.

ID your best customers so when they order you can quickly stop and prioritize their order.

When sending Promo emails you could flag or code so those orders can be quickly ID



Thank you for your interest in our new customer management solution. We're excited to launch our new capability and plan to continue to make updates to the application over the coming weeks and months.

We are still accepting requests and feedback before making decisions on the next features to focus on. The ability to access information about your buyers from other parts of ShippingEasy is a good idea.

Note that we already have a bit of the feature in place. You can "tag" customers today. The piece that is missing is the ability to filter orders based on the tags that exist on the buyers for each order.

Gregg Sporar
Product Manager

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