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Targeted Product Exports and Purging Inactive Products


I have two Volusion stores and can only sync the inventories by downloading inventory from ShippingEasy and re uploading to the stores. That's fine, but the current limitations for exporting make this process a real bear. We need to be able to download only active products - or only products we select - as well as only the information we need (SKU and stock status are most important). 

In addition, the growing list of inactive products in my inventory only creates confusion. Users should be able to completely delete an inactive product. I understand the reasoning behind keeping these inactive products, but so long as they are added to the product export, they get in the way There is a workaround - categorizing inactive products as inactive so that they can easily be sorted out of an exported csv. But that is a hassle and one has to make sure that before a product is rendered inactive it is first categorized as such.

These seem to be pretty simple fixes - not reinventing the wheel here, just allowing for greater selectivity in exporting products and purging products that will never be used again because they were either discontinued or the SKU changed. Without these changes, users like me who rely on frequent exporting and importing of product data will find the process to be frustrating and time consuming. 

Brandon Answered

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Hi Brandon, 

Thank you for your feedback. I apologize that you've found our inventory system so frustrating to use. We've made a few updates to our product since your first post that should hopefully help to make it easier for you to manage your inventory in ShippingEasy. 

Firstly, we recently made an update to our products CSV export/import so that it now includes an "Active" column. This column will denote if an SKU is listed as active or inactive in the ShippingEasy product catalog. Though you can't yet restrict our product export to only include your active products you can now filter the exported report using this new column. 

Secondly, our development team has started work on adding 2-way inventory support for Volusion stores. Though this is still in the early development stages once this work has been completed you should no longer need to export your products and inventory levels out of ShippingEasy. We will instead be able to send automatic updates back to each of your stores whenever your stock changes in our system. 

I will update this thread again once we have launched our 2-way inventory support for Volusion. In the meantime if you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to comment back on this post. 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]


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