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add etsy to inventory management


I wish you would add Etsy to your inventory management. I know you haven't added it because etsy does not support skus but why can't we use our product titles as a sku? every product title is different/unique.

I may be switching to a different provider because you don't support both etsy & shopify :(

Jesse Peffer Completed

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Hi Everyone, 

ShippingEasy has added support for SKUs and two-way inventory sync for Etsy integrations, when Inventory management is enabled. As Etsy orders are received, stock levels are updated within ShippingEasy. In addition, ShippingEasy can update Etsy stores with stock level changes. Learn more about enabling inventory tracking for Etsy.

We've also added the ability to Import Products from Etsy stores. Now, you can easily import any products not already saved in your ShippingEasy products catalog. Learn more about importing products

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]




Hi Jesse, 

Thank you for your interest in our inventory management solution. Etsy is a store platform that we would like to add two-way inventory support for in the future. 

As of now, we are still accepting all requests and feedback before making decisions on the next features to focus on. We will direct any customers with similar requests to comment or follow on this post as well. Feedback helps us to learn how many customers are interested in each feature and prioritize what we should work on next.

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]


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It appears that I can add SKUs to my Etsy listings and variations now... will this mean that we will be getting inventory implementation for Etsy soon? =)

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Hi Jacob, 

Thank you for your post. It appears that we have two threads going on the same topic. I've added a few comments on this topic on this post as well: 

Etsy 2-way sync inventory integration request

Basically as SKUs are currently only supported in the new Shop Manager prototype ShippingEasy is waiting to add support for this until after it has been released to all sellers. Once the phased SKU rollout has been completed we do plan to add 2-way inventory support for Etsy.

I will update this thread again once this work has been prioritized.

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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