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Rules Request / Packing slip Enhancement


One of our biggest mistakes during the 4th quarter is missing that a customer ordered more than 1 of something (we have a lot of single quantity purchases).

We would love to be able to create a rule if an Item quantity was more than 1 ..... currently not an option.

We would also like that rule to be able to Highlight/Boldface/Color the quantity on the packing slip.  This is also not an option .. that line is not Formatable

The combination would allow us to Make the Quantity Bold with a Yellow Highlight when it wasn't a quantity of 1.


Steve Mayfield Answered

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Hello Steve, and thank you for posting to our community!

While we do not currently have a shipping rule option for Line Item Quantity, we do have an option for multiple quantities on packing slips.

That option is a Shipment Line Item variable called:

  • qty_multiple: a "diamond" image - only displayed if qty is greater than 1

That variable can be added to your Shipment Line Item code using the instructions in the link below under the section titled "Shipment Line Items:". It will create a diamond image if the line item quantity is greater than one, to help it stand out for you.

How to: Design a custom Packing Slip Template

I hope that helps, and I've also added your shipping rule suggestion to be considered for our future development. 

If we have any updates, we will post the updates to this feature request here! Thank you very much for your feedback, it helps us learn more about what features our merchants need. 

Thank you and happy shipping!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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