Customer management features needed


I just did a quick run through customers beta after activating for our account.

I realize this a beta preview with unfished features so just want to get your feedback early.

 Here's a few items to consider:

1. As a shopify customer, most data matches what we already have when viewing a customer so will need to add more value here. Also, customer notes, etc - will they sync each way with shopify and amazon? That will be a real plus as we now have to go to each store to add notes. 

2. Add a column for # of purchases not just repeats - allows us to filter serial buyers better

3. Order dates from amazon not formatted correctly

4. Need ability to sort, not just filter

5. Allow  better search - for instance i typed 'slippers' to see all customers who purchased slippers and just got a perpetual loading spinner

6. Shopify has an 'alert' for suspect orders, carry this forward to shipping easy for shipments and customers so we can flag both the orders and the customers

7. Amazon stops us from contacting customers so a lot of value for customer management will be lost - consider features where we can leverage the amazon customers or at least gain insights without constantly having to filter them out. 

8. Allow me to see all prior communications with the customer (emails, messages, etc). 

9. Sync customer tags in shopify with your tags.

Hope this helps..


Hello Jim,

Thanks for the detailed comments.

As you noted, this initial release of CM is a beta to provide a preview and get feedback. We are still accepting requests and ideas before making decisions on the next features to focus on. 

We will direct any customers with similar requests to comment or follow on this post as well.

Meanwhile, I do have a few follow-up questions on some of your suggestions:

1. If we can add enough value then would the ability to automatically copy the customer notes from ShippingEasy to Shopify/Amazon be good enough? In other words, if ShippingEasy becomes your Customer Management system, do you still need the ability to *enter* notes about customers in those other systems?

6. Are you using Shopify's standard alert for suspect orders? Or a third-party product for fraud detection?

7. We're very interested in this topic and in learning how we can help. Are you envisioning mostly reporting/dashboard features to help show buyer trends from your Amazon orders?

Gregg Sporar
Product Manager


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Hi Gregg,


1. & 6  Our staff is currently trained to use Shopify for customer management so it would be difficult to have them switch to shipping easy.  The way our shopify shows the orders history, note threads, etc is very helpful. What would be nice is for the notes in Shopify to appear for our people in shipping using shipping easy and vice versa. 

7. Yes.  Also, a more integrated view where you bring together info from multiple storefronts for a  unified picture of the fullfillment process.

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