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Backend notes, easier Batching, reports, and Permissions

I have a tons of things that I think should be done to make the software better, many of them are very annoying and some of them make it restrictive.


First thing is Back end notes, I can see customer notes on orders, however once the order is in the system and someone adds a note on the back end of my site (bigcommerce) it does not sync to shipping easy, making special notes that are added after the order is placed impossible to see.

Batching is a great feature, but, it has its quarks. The page seems to only allow up to 50 orders per page, and if I need to batch orders on multiple pages, I cant, I have to play with the sorting until I have all the orders on a single page I need to batch. if I change pages, it cancels out my selected orders. Also, an option to increase the size of the viewable page would be great.

Reports are lacking, I am unable to see things like declared values, or wether or not I selected a declared value, and there is no proof that it transmits the declared value to Fedex (I recently filed a claim with fedex and they claimed that the declared value was not on my order I filed the claim on, they refused to pay more then their $100 claim that is default on all orders, and I was unable to find proof that I did a declared value)

Permissions I am the GM in my company, though not the owner (the owner has the "owner" account on shipping easy, not me) being just a lowly manager or in this case number 2 in the company, I was unable to assign what one of my shipping guys gets what orders. I think this should be a permission that can allow other accounts to do.

Chris Merrill

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Hello Chris, 

Thank you very much for your detailed post. Feedback like this is very valuable for our team. We've been sure to notate all of your feature requests and they will be under review. 

One one feature you mention, batching,  we do currently support up to batches of 200. It sounds like you may need to switch your "view ___ orders at a time" from 50 to 200 orders at a time. You can read more about this HERE. 

If we have any additional comments or updates, we will update this page. We will also encourage customers with a similar request to post or comment here so we can track their requests in greater detail. 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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