FedEx Label Errors | Troubleshoot

Shipping packages in ShippingEasy using your connected FedEx account can be a seamless experience, but sometimes, you may receive an error message when creating a FedEx label.

Click through the label error messages below to find the correct fix.

FedEx Error "Package cannot be deleted after a close"

FedEx has specific requirements for cancelling FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery labels from within ShippingEasy. These shipments must be cancelled on or before the Ship Date for the cancellation request to be successful.

Attempting to cancel a label for one of these services after the Ship Date will result in the following error:

Erro popup that reads Order #: could not be cancelled. Error response from FedEx: Package cannot be deleted after a close.

To void the label after receiving this error, contact FedEx for assistance.

FedEx Error "Customer is cash only"

FedEx One Rate is not permitted with cashed accounts. The account being used may be associated with an expired credit card or have some other billing-related issue.

Failure to keep the FedEx Account current may result in the account being placed on a "cash only" status. Placement of an account on "cash only" status may result in the packages being delayed, rejected, or returned until payment arrangements are completed.

Contact FedEx Customer Service at 1-800-GO-FEDEX, and ask for the billing department. Have your FedEx account number handy.

FedEx Error "Airbill not allowed for Origin Country"

This FedEx error indicates that the selected FedEx service is not allowed for the shipment's destination country. To resolve this error, select a different carrier service. View the FedEx services available with ShippingEasy.

FedEx Error "Unable to retrieve record from database"

When trying to void or cancel a FedEx shipment, if you receive the error message "Unable to retrieve record from database," FedEx is having an issue processing the shipment cancellation. Typically this is intermittent, and you should be able to try again in an hour or so.

If it is a FedEx Ground or Express shipment, no need to worry as you are only charged for these if the package is scanned and shipped.


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