Create and Print a Shipping Label Overview

ShippingEasy makes shipping... well... just that - easy! Each page in the application is a step in the process. You can go with the flow and print labels step by step or take advantage of some of our time-saving options to skip steps along the way.

Print Labels Step by Step

Here are the basic steps to create a label:

  1. Go to the Ready to Ship page and select the shipment you just created.

  2. Select a Shipping Preset or manually select the carrier, service, and package.

  3. Select Buy Label.

  4. Go to the READY TO PRINT page and click the Print button to print the label.

    Print button under Purchased Labels

    This will open the label PDF in a pop-up, where you can then choose to print to your label printer.

  5. Go to the Shipment History page to view the shipment.

These are the basic steps to create a label in ShippingEasy. To get more in depth on each step, please see the following resources:

  • [How to create a shipment]

  • [How to select a carrier and service]

  • [How to print shipping labels]

Save Time with ConnectEasy

If you would like to save even more time and skip one or more steps, first you will need to integrate your printer with ShippingEasy using ConnectEasy.

[Learn about printing with ConnectEasy!]


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