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Shipsurance provides professional shipping insurance coverage for small parcels and large cargo at heavily discounted rates. ShippingEasy has partnered with Shipsurance to make it easy to insure your outbound shipments fully.


We recommend reviewing the following articles before purchasing insurance:

Additional coverage can be added to USPS shipments through Shipsurance. Coverage beyond the Declared Value can be added to UPS and FedEx shipments through Shipsurance.

Coverage Range $0.01 – $100

Coverage Range $100.01-$200

Coverage Range $200.01-$300

USPS and USPS Consolidators




UPS/FedEx Domestic




All International




File a Claim with Shipsurance

While we all hope to avoid lost, stolen, or damaged packages, we also know that accidents happen. ShippingEasy makes it easy to file a claim with Shipsurance in the app with a pre-filled claims form. Review the ShipSurance Terms of Use to avoid denial of a possible claim.

Where to File a Shipsurance Claim

If you added Shipsurance to a package to cover the full amount of the order total, you only need to file one claim with Shipsurance.

If you added Shipsurance and used the standard insurance issued by the carrier service, you must file a claim with both Shipsurance and the carrier.

Before you initiate a Shipsurance claim, complete the following checklist:

  1. Enlist your customer's help if a package has been damaged.

    • Ask your customer (the recipient) to keep all packaging materials and damaged items in the original form as received. They must keep the packaging and items until the claim has been completed. In other words, nothing should be returned to you (the shipper) until the claim has been settled.

    • Request a written statement and pictures of the damaged items. This will help both of you complete a recipient affidavit later on.

  2. Notify the carrier of the lost or damaged package. The shipper is responsible for contacting USPSFedEx, or UPS to file a tracer before submitting the claim to Shipsurance.

  3. File the Shipsurance claim at the proper time.

    • Lost or stolen package claims will not be processed until 21 calendar days (domestic shipments) or 45 calendar days (international shipments) after the date of the shipment. If a claim is filed before this timeline, Shipsurance will hold the claims until the allotted time has passed.

    • Damaged package claims can be filed immediately and must include all the proper documentation mentioned above.

    • File and provide all required documents within 60 calendar days from the date of shipment.

    • If the shipment is sent via USPS, complete claims must be submitted and received by Shipsurance within 120 calendar days of the shipment date.

Once the required time has passed and you have taken the preliminary steps to gather the documentation and report the lost or damaged package to the carrier, you can file a Shipsurance claim within ShippingEasy.

To file a Shipsurance claim in ShippingEasy:

  1. Enter the Order #, Tracking #, or Recipient into the Global Search Bar.

    Global navigation search bar marked
  2. The Insurance value will be displayed in the order details if the shipment is eligible for filing a claim. Click the value to open details about the shipment's insurance coverage.

    Shipment Details: Arrow points to ​​Insurance​​​ value displayed in the order details.
  3. Click the blue Make a claim with Shipsurance link in the insurance coverage details pop-up.

    Insurance details popup with the link Make a claim with shipsurance highlighted.

    A new window with a partially pre-filled claim form will open.

  4. Verify that the pre-filled fields in the claim form are correct, and complete any blank fields.

    Shipsurance claim form prefilled
  5. Click the Submit Claim button at the bottom of the page. You must click Submit Claim for the request to be processed.

    Shipsurance submit claim button highlighted

Recipient Affidavit

Shipsurance will require you to submit a recipient statement/affidavit during the claims process. The form can be downloaded from Shipsurance and completed by your customer (the recipient) or filled out online by your customer (the recipient).

Be sure this step is completed. Without the recipient's affidavit, the claim cannot be considered.


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