Add Your Brand Logo to Your Store Settings | How To

You can strengthen your brand's visibility by adding your store logo to your packing slips and email notifications. In ShippingEasy, you can assign a different logo for each store connected to your account.

Brand Package Required

Your ShippingEasy plan must include the Brand package to upload your logo in your store settings. You can access the Brand package on the ShippingEasy Basic plan or above.

Logos uploaded in ShippingEasy Starter account settings will not appear on packing slips or emails.

To add your brand logo to your store settings:

  1. Click Edit Store Settings under the store to which you want to add your logo.

    Stores and orders then edit store settings
  2. Go to the Branding tab and click the Select button under Select a store logo for emails, packing slips, and signup forms.

    This will open your computer's file explorer where you can select your logo image from your hard drive.



    The logo must be a 16-bit JPG, GIF, or PNG file format and no larger than 1 MB. ShippingEasy does not support 8-bit images.

  3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Branding tab to save your logo.


Your logo will now appear on your packing slips and email notifications that contain the variable {{ store.logo }}. Learn more about editing your packing slips and email templates with variables.

Logos Will Not Appear in Test Emails and Packing Slips

Any test emails sent or packing slips previewed will display a placeholder image instead of your store logo.

ShippingEasy uses generic information not specifically gathered from your STORES & ORDERS settings to generate previews.


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