ePostGlobal (formerly RR Donnelley) with ShippingEasy

ePostGlobal specializes in domestic and international shipping logistics. ShippingEasy provides support for accessing your shipping rates through ePostGlobal.

ePostGlobal Integration Requirements

To create an ePostGlobal account for use with ShippingEasy, contact ePostGlobal:

  • Phone Number: 917-806-8055

  • Email:

Connection Requirements:

  • Account Username

  • Account Password

Connect ePostGlobal to ShippingEasy

To connect an ePostGlobal account to ShippingEasy

  1. Click Connect ePostGlobal button.

  2. Fill in your Account Username and Account Password.

  3. Click the Connect Account button.

Available Services

When you configure ShippingEasy to use your ePostGlobal account, ShippingEasy uses your ePostGlobal Username and Password to determine which specific ePostGlobal services are available to your account. If some services are listed but other services are missing, contact ePostGlobal to verify that your account is correctly configured.

ePostGlobal Services Available in ShippingEasy:


  • EPG Domestic Parcel


  • EPG Priority Parcel DelCon DDP

  • EPG Priority Parcel Delcon DDU


  • EPG Courier DDP

  • EPG Courier DDU

  • EPG Economy Parcel

  • EPG Priority Parcel DDU

  • EPG Priority Parcel


  • EPG ePacket

Special Considerations for ePostGlobal

Shipping with ePostGlobal

  • The software provided to ShippingEasy by ePostGlobal does support the display of rate quotes for your shipping labels when on the READY TO SHIP and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages. This means that before you purchase a label, you will see a postage estimate based on the package information you've entered and the rates associated with your account credentials. shipments will show a cost of N/A on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

  • ePostGloballabels can include:

    • Buyer's email address

    • Colony

    • Sender's Signature.


      The sender's Signature for your ePostGlobal labels is set when you create your ePostGlobal account. If you need to update the Sender's Signature, please reach out to your ePostGlobal account manager.

  • All customs information for ePostGlobal international shipments is handled electronically when you create the shipping label. There is no need to create a printed copy of the customs form or commercial invoice. So, there is no option on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page to create a customs form for ePostGlobal shipments.

Tracking International Shipments

Eligible international ePostGlobal shipments can be tracked on ePostGlobal's Track site. Once a label is successfully generated via ShippingEasy, the first tracking event will occur on the ePostGlobal website.

When notifying your customers, your Shipment Confirmation email template should include:

  • ePostGlobal website link

  • Tracking number


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