Branded Notifications FAQs

Branded SMS Notifications are a great way to keep your customer informed on their incoming shipment.

What SMS notifications are sent to the customer?

There are four SMS notifications that can be sent depending on the progress of the order:

  1. Opt-In: [store name]: Thanks for signing up for order alerts! We'll text you shipping & delivery updates. Text STOP to cancel.

  2. Delivery Date Announced: [store name]: Your [carrier] package is due to be delivered on [date and tracking link].

  3. Out for Delivery: [store name] Your [carrier]package is out for delivery. Track at [tracking link].

  4. Delivered: [store name] Your [carrier] package has been delivered. More info at [tracking link].


Delivery Date Announced

Out for Delivery



What number will the SMS notifications be sent from?

The SMS notifications will be sent from a toll-free 10 digit phone number. This number cannot be customized.

What responses can I send?

There are only three words the customer can send and get an automated response: START, STOP, and HELP. If you send a non-keyword message, you will receive:

NETWORK MSG: We did not understand your message. Please reply STOP to unsubscribe.

How does a customer opt-out of SMS notifications?

Your customer can opt out of SMS notifications by replying STOP.

Turning off SMS Notifications does not stop SMS notifications for customers who have active deliveries and opted-in to SMS Notifications before you disabled it.

For example, a customer places an order and opts into SMS notifications at checkout. The shipment is out for delivery and the customer received the first of three SMS notifications. Then you decide to disable the feature. The customer will still receive the remaining SMS notifications for that order until it has been delivered. However, the customer will not be able to add more numbers to the order once SMS notifications have been disabled.

Are all customers able to receive SMS notifications?

ShippingEasy's Branded SMS notifications are only available to domestic shipments at this time.

Does Branded Tracking work with Customer Marketing?

If you have Customer Marketing set up to send Order Campaign with shipment notifications, Branded Tracking emails will override these emails.


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