Set Up Branded SMS Notifications | How To

The SMS (Short Message Service) notification feature is currently in BETA. Its functionality and availability will change as we develop the feature.

The SMS Tracking Notification feature gives your customers the option to receive SMS updates for their orders. Learn more about Branded Notifications

The SMS Tracking Notifications currently work with:

  • US Domestic Shipments
  • ShippingEasy's Branded Tracking Notifications page
In order to utilize Branded SMS Notifications, you must have Branded Tracking Notifications enabled.

Setting Up Branded SMS Notifications

  1. Select TRACKING in the navigation bar.
  2. Select “Allow SMS Notifications” to opt-in using SMS Notifications and to send your customers a link.

Customer Opt-In

When the SMS feature is enabled, your customers can enter a phone number to opt-in in the initial Shipment Confirmation email. 

When opting-in for the first time with that phone number, your customer will receive the welcome and confirmation messages.

ShippingEasy sends the following SMS notifications about shipment status: 

  • Delivery Date Announced
  • Out for Delivery
  • Delivered

Customers will need to sign up for SMS notifications on each shipment they are sent. If your customer orders multiple times from you, they must opt-in for SMS Notifications on the Branded Tracking Notification email for each one.


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