Syncing Notes and Comments with Orders | Overview

Across all integrations, ShippingEasy supports syncing customer comments and adding internal notes to orders. The following stores require special configuring or include additional notes for syncing into ShippingEasy.


ShippingEasy currently supports the Condition Note feature in Amazon. The Condition Note is frequently used by Sellers to describe the state of an item.

For example, a used book might have a Condition Note such as "Gently used with a few dogears".

The Condition Note can be displayed as an optional column on the ORDERS page and added to your Packing Slips.


Channel Advisor

ChannelAdvisor notes pull into these ShippingEasy statuses:

  • PublicNotes - Customer Comment
  • GiftMessage and GiftNotes - Gift Message
  • PrivateNotes - Internal Order Notes


Any optional order notes that a buyer adds to an Etsy order during the checkout process referred to as "message from buyer", will be transferred and displayed in ShippingEasy as Customer Comments.


Merchant Internal Comments:

If using Magento v2.2, internal comments added by a merchant can be sent to ShippingEasy.

Customer Comments

The Customer Comments option is off by default in ShippingEasy. To sync your customer comments, navigate to STORES & ORDERS and update your Magento store settings to enable Include customer comments when downloading orders from this store under the "Orders" tab.


ShippingEasy only displays gift notes for PayPal orders. Learn more.


ShippingEasy will map (connect) the Volusion Order_Comments field to the Customer Comment field on our end.


Customer comments are synced from WooCommerce to ShippingEasy with our direct REST API integration. If you are using a WooCommerce legacy integration, you will need to migrate to the REST integration.


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