Edit Branded Layouts - Default Settings for Campaigns | How To

Customer Marketing’s Branded Layouts are a simple and effective way to quickly establish brand settings that can be quickly reused in future campaigns. By entering the URL for your website, the layout builder automatically pulls your brand colors from your website and allows you to further assign your logo and social media links to use in all future layouts used.

After you have saved your Branded Layout settings, they are available to select in use in Regular and Automated Campaigns.

Setup Branded Layouts for Email Campaigns

  1. Go to MARKETING and select MARKETING SETTINGS from the navigation bar.
  2. The Branded Layouts page will appear. Any changes you make to these settings will affect future Campaigns created, but will not change any existing Campaigns.
  3. Pull in a palette of colors from your website. Enter the URL for your website in the text field labeled Your website URL. Then click Generate Color Palette.
  4. The colors for the entered website will be automatically generated. You may now use these colors to assign to the following sections of your layouts:
    • Header Bar: the default background color for Campaign Template headers
    • Button Color: the default color for buttons within Campaign Templates
    • Button Text: the default text color for text placed on buttons within Campaign Templates
  5. Additionally, you can establish a font that will be used in your branded layouts. Use the Font menu to select a default font for all text in Campaign Templates.
  6. Your selections will be rendered in the template preview as you customize your settings, so you can see exactly how your layouts will appear as you make adjustments. 
  7. Use the Logo and Social Links section to add a logo to your Branded Layouts. Click Upload underneath the image icon, and select your logo. It will be displayed in the template preview.
  8. To add social links, enter the desired URL for each social platform. By default, options for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest are shown. If a URL is not entered for a social platform, its icon will not be displayed at the bottom of any layouts by default.
  9. Customize the styling of the icon you would like to be shown by selecting an option under Social Icons.
  10. Click Save and your settings will now be available for regular campaigns and automated campaigns. 

Use a Branded Layout for a Regular Campaign

  1. Begin with our step-by-step guide to setting up a Regular Campaign.
  2. When it is time to select a Template, click the Branded Layouts tab.
  3. Your previously saved brand settings will appear in the listed layouts. Choose the layout you like best and add the rest of your content to further customize it.
  4. Use the Regular Campaigns setup guide to finish setting up the Campaign and send it.

Use a Branded Layout for an Automated Campaign

  1. Begin with our step-by-step guide to setting up an Automated Campaign.
  2. When it is time to select a Template, your previously saved brand settings will appear in the listed layouts as a template option. Select this template.
  3. Use the Automated Campaigns setup guide to finish setting up the Campaign.


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