What is a rate Recommendation?

ShippingEasy makes carrier and service selection easy with Instant Rate so that you can see shipping rates at a glance. Learn more about Instant Rate.

When you create a ShippingEasy account, you are automatically given a free USPS postage account, so ShippingEasy can automatically recommend the most common USPS services based on an order's weight.   

What rates will ShippingEasy recommend?

If your domestic order weighs less than 16 ounces: ShippingEasy will recommend USPS First Class Package.

If your domestic order weighs 16 ounces or more: ShippingEasy will recommend USPS Priority Mail Package.

NOTE: these recommendations do not use dimensions. If you are using dimensions, you should create a custom package type. Learn more about using dimensions.

How do I prevent ShippingEasy from recommending a rate?

ShippingEasy only recommends a carrier and service if you have not assigned a carrier and service. A carrier and service can be assigned in several ways, most of which are done automatically. The options, from highest to lowest priority:

  • Selected manually.
  • Assigned by a shipping rule. Learn more.
  • Copied from an identical previous order. Learn more.
  • Specified as the default shipping preset for domestic orders. Learn more.
  • Recommended by ShippingEasy.

So one really easy way to disable ShippingEasy rate recommendations is to define a default saved selection for domestic orders. Learn more.

How can I see which orders have a ShippingEasy recommendation?

On the ORDERS page, expand the "Rate Quote" filter and select the "With a rate quote - Recommendation" option.


What orders can ShippingEasy not make recommendations on? 

  • Domestic orders that have no weight: ShippingEasy won't be able to recommend a carrier or service.
  • Amazon Prime orders: Seller Fulfilled Prime order labels are generated through Amazon’s Buy Shipping Label API. Learn more.
  • International orders: ShippingEasy does not currently recommend a carrier or service for international shipments.



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