Troubleshoot: Amazon orders

ShippingEasy's integration with Amazon is usually problem free. However, rarely you might have issues with orders syncing.

Are all of your orders missing?

If you upgraded to an Amazon Professional Seller account, you may need to reauthorize ShippingEasy as a developer.

First, check to see that your Amazon store is connected. To do so, navigate to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS.
If there's a problem, there will be a red "Disconnected" error above the store name.

If the store is disconnected, learn how to reconnect your store.

Is it taking a long time for your orders to sync?

The Amazon API has a quota on the amount of requests ShippingEasy can make during a certain time frame. This is called “throttling”. Learn more about throttling.

If you have clicked the "Sync with store" option multiple times in a short time period, please wait at least half an hour before attempting to download your orders again.

Are all Amazon orders syncing except Seller Fulfillled Prime orders?

ShippingEasy supports syncing Seller Fulfilled Prime orders. If your Prime orders are not syncing, it could be that your account hasn't been enabled to do so. Reach out to for assistance enabling your account to sync Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.

Are Seller Fulfillled Prime orders missing shipping rates?

Rate quotes for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders are generated by Amazon. If you are not seeing the rates in ShippingEasy, there are a few things to check:

  1. Check the "Ship From" address in ShippingEasy for email address and phone number. Both are required. If this fixes the problem, make sure to update your Store Address. Learn more.
  2. Check that you have accepted all of the Amazon carriers' terms and conditions. Learn more.

If these don't resolve the problem, refer to our comprehensive guide for troubleshooting shipping Amazon Prime orders.



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