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i-Connect Shipping works with ShippingEasy to allow for shipping from FedEx, UPS, and One Balance accounts.

When an SAP document is ready to ship, you'll push the document details to ShippingEasy where the document will be displayed as an unshipped order. After processing each shipment, shipping labels are printed either from the Web Service portal or SAP itself, allowing you to complete the shipment from start to finish. You can view tracking numbers, tracking status, and shipping costs directly in the SAP marketing documents.

i-Connect Prerequisites

In order to use iConnect with ShippingEasy, make sure that you've completed the following:

  1. iAbol and ShippingEasy accounts have been requested, set up, and configured.

  2. i-Connect web service has been installed on the server.

  3. shipping settings have been configured.

  4. tenant has been created.

  5. You have your username and password for test and production. (This is only required if you are shipping from web service.)

  6. B1 iConnect Add-on installed on SAP client. (This is only required if you are shipping from SAP).

Integrate Your i-Connect Account with ShippingEasy

In this section, we will guide you through adding your i-Connect store to ShippingEasy, locating your ShippingEasy API credentials, and connecting your ShippingEasy account in

Add Your i-Connect Store to ShippingEasy
  1. Select Navigator SAP I-Connect from the Platform drop-down menu.

  2. Enter your Store URL, then click Save.

Locate Your ShippingEasy API Credentials

You will need to take note of your ShippingEasy Store API Key, API Key, and API Secret to add this information to your i-Connect account.

  1. Return to your ShippingEasy STORES & ORDERS settings.

  2. Copy the Store API Key of your i-Connect store.

    You will enter this into the API Store field in your i-Connect settings.

  3. Go back to your ShippingEasy SETTINGS and click API CREDENTIALS.

  4. Copy your API Key and API Secret.

    You will enter these values in the API Key and API Secret fields in i-Connect, respectively.

Configure Your Shipping Settings in i-Connect

Once you've set up your ShippingEasy account, you're ready to configure shipping settings in i-Connect.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your Username for the tenant you wish to connect to (test or production) and your Password, then click the Login button.

  3. Click on Shipping from the left-hand navigation menu and choose ShippingEasy.

  4. Click on Settings then Add New Record, and give your record a Name.

  5. Enter the API Store, API Key, and API Secret from ShippingEasy.

  6. Configure the ShippingEasy Settings page.

    • Mark the checkbox to the far right as Default.

    • If desired, check the box to Save Cost to SAP Document.

    • If shipping from delivery, check the box Create Invoice if shipping from Delivery. This will create the invoice when the delivery is completed and ShippingEasy processed the shipment with the carrier.

  7. Click the Save button.

That's it! Your Navigator SAP i-Connect account is connected to ShippingEasy!

Sync Orders to ShippingEasy

Now that you've configured your accounts, you're ready to start shipping!

  1. When an order, delivery, or invoice is ready to ship in i-Connect, use the drop-down in the user-defined field in the document and change it to Ready. Update the document.

  2. Click on Sync Stores in i-Connect to sync your orders to ShippingEasy.

  3. Go to the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy and find the orders that have synced from SAP. Open orders can be in the form of SAP Sales Orders, Deliveries, or Invoices.

Learn more about creating shipments and printing labels in ShippingEasy.


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