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Sometimes you may run across an error while purchasing labels. This guide contains some of the more common errors. Check the table below to find the error you have encountered.

If you are having trouble buying a label, see our guide to troubleshooting purchasing labels on BATCHES page.

Did you receive a different label error? Let us know about it in the comments below.

Error Message



You cannot create shipments until you have a valid Rate Provider configured. Please register or connect to an account below in order to start shipping.


Only mail classes Priority Mail and Express Mail are allowed for this account

These errors may occur if there is an issue with your One Balance account.

Contact Customer Support at (855) 889-7867 to resolve this error (available Monday-Friday 6am-6pm Pacific Time). will ask you to verify the details of your account. Learn how to locate your One Balance Account ID and Password.

Due to the current status of your account, you cannot print or purchase funds.

Your One Balance account has been suspended by

Contact at (855) 889-7867 to recover your account. Learn more about why your One Balance account may be suspended.

Missing or Invalid Element: ReplyPostage

You are trying to create a return for a Military or US Territory address or for a Priority Mail Express shipment.

Prepaid returns for Military and US Territory addresses or Priority Mail Express shipments are not supported in ShippingEasy. 

We recommend that you clearly state in your return policy that you do not cover return postage on these shipments and that the buyer will be responsible for all associated costs. Learn more about return labels.

Missing or Invalid Ship To address

The Ship To and Ship From address lines may have too many characters.

Review the address lines to shorten the characters according to the carrier limits:

Missing or Invalid ship to StateProvinceCode


Invalid sold to state province code. Valid length is 0 to 5 alphanumeric

You are trying to create a UPS label for an international destination.

This error is usually caused by including a Province in the address.

Remove the Province from the address completely. Learn more about troubleshooting international addresses.

Invalid rate. Ship date is not in the future

If you have an order on the READY TO PRINT page that has been there for over a day, you may receive this error indicating that the ship date is past and it cannot be printed.

Click the Retry button next to the label. This will send the order back to the ORDERS page where you can re-select your carrier selections and print the label.

Remove foreign language characters in the address to continue or try again later

Foreign language characters in addresses are not supported.

As the first course of action, try waiting and then attempting to print the label later. If that does not work, replace or remove any foreign language characters in the address.

The actual length is greater than the MaxLength value

This error may appear when shipping internationally with USPS.

It means that the item description in the customs declaration exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed.

Return the shipment to the ORDERS page and edit the item description to fewer than 50 characters. Learn how to edit customs declarations.

To avoid this issue in the future, consider the following:

Invalid SOAP message due to XML Schema validation failure

You may be over the maximum number of characters allowed on USPS labels. [Learn more about character limits for USPS labels.]

Click the Retry button next to the label on the READY TO PRINT page.

Alternatively, you can return the order to the ORDERS page and check the following for formatting errors:

  • Ship From address

  • Ship To address

  • Package weight

  • Customs form item description, weight, or harmonized code (for international orders)

ERROR (6003) - The COMMERCIAL_INVOICE requires an electronic LETTER_HEAD

This error may appear when shipping internationally with FedEx.

It occurs when there is an issue using Electronic Trade Documents (ETD).

Complete the following steps:

  1. Confirm that ETD has been configured within your FedEx Ship Manager account.

  2. Turn off ETD in ShippingEasy.

  3. Turn ETD back on in ShippingEasy.

  4. Return the order to the ORDERS page, then try purchasing the label again.

Missing or invalid ship from company name (UPS)

The company name on your Ship From address exceeds the UPS character limits.

The Ship From company name on a UPS label can be a maximum of 35 characters (including spaces).


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