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If you created a report and clicked the "Export" button, downloading your report allows you to view it from your hard drive anytime you want. If you have not yet created the export, please follow these instructions.

ShippingEasy stores reports that are exported for 75 days.

If a report was created more than 75 days ago, it will need to be regenerated. Learn more about creating reports.

To download your report and view it:

  1. Navigate to REPORTS pagetoolbar_reports.PNG
  2. Select EXPORTS from the drop down menu.
  3. Click Download next to the corresponding report

    Under the "Download Exports" section, you will see two subsections:

    "Latest Exports" lists the three most recent exports of the product catalog and the list of suppliers for customers who have Inventory Management.

    "Latest Reports" lists the most recently created reports:

  4. If the report you are looking for is not showing, please wait a few moments and then click the Refresh link.

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