Create a Return Order Not in My Shipment History

We know - no one likes returns. But since they are a reality of ecommerce, we have made it easy to generate a return label - whether or not you processed the original shipment via ShippingEasy.


If you have a record of the order in your SHIPMENT HISTORY, you can create a return label from the original shipment.

This guide is for shippers who need to create a return label but do not have an original shipment in ShippingEasy.

  1. Click Create New Label and go to Return Label.

  2. Fill in the Address details:

    1. Store Addresses: These are your saved store or warehouse locations in your Ship From Addresses settings. Click the menu to select the Ship-To address that you would like your package to be returned to.

    2. Ship From: Select this from the Saved Addresses menu, if you have your customer's address saved in your Customer Addresses settings. Alternately, you can enter your customer's address into the Ship From field.

    3. Sender Phone Number: Some carrier services require a phone number.

    4. Email Return Label to: This is the email address that the return label will be sent to if this setting is enabled. See the TIP below for more details.


    If you would like to email this label to your customer, verify that your Manual Order stores settings are configured to send your customer a return shipping label.

  3. Fill in Order details:

    1. Order Number: It is highly recommended to enter an order number.

    2. Item Name: This is the only required order detail.

    3. All other order details will improve the quality of your reports but are otherwise optional.

  4. Once you have completed the fields, there are two options to generate the return label:

    1. Buy Label: Select this option to purchase your label.

    2. Create & Get Rate: Select this option to send the shipment to the READY TO SHIP page.


That's it - you have created a prepaid return shipment!

  • If you opted to Create & Get Rate: Make your carrier selections from the READY TO SHIP page and purchase the label. Learn more about selecting your carrier, service, and packaging.

  • If you opted not to automatically email the return label to your customer: You can download the PDF from the READY TO PRINT or SHIPMENT HISTORY pages. Learn more about printing from a PDF.

To email a prepaid return label to your customer:

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS > STORES & ORDERS.

    Stores & Orders Link
  2. Locate the "Manual Orders" store and click Edit store settings.

    Shows the checkbox to Edit Store settings
  3. Click on the "Notification" tab.

  4. Scroll to "Return Email Settings" and check the box next to Send a return shipping email to the buyer with the shipping label attached.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save the changes.

    The cancel and save buttons are shown with the save button selected and highlighted.

Learn more about sending prepaid return labels to your customers.


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