File an Insurance Claim for USPS Domestic Priority Mail | How To

The USPS recommends filing claims immediately when damage or partial loss occurs. For lost shipments, most Priority Mail claims must be filed within 15 - 60 days from the date of mailing. 

If your package was insured using Shipsurance, you can start the claim from within the app.  Learn how to file a Shipsurance claim from ShippingEasy.

All shipments sent via Priority Mail include insurance coverage, but the amount of coverage depends on the postage pricing you receive.

ShippingEasy subscribers get $100 in included coverage on Priority Mail shipments.

You can file a domestic Priority Mail claim online at or by mail, in the event that a shipment is lost or damaged. We recommend filing online as it gets your claim started immediately, saves you time, and allows you to check the status of the claim at any time.

File a Priority Mail Claim Online at

  1. Go to the USPS claims login page. Sign in with your account information or register for a new account.
  2. Enter the shipment tracking or label number. Tracking numbers are 22 numbers long.

File a Priority Mail Claim by Mail

  1. Get Form 1000 by calling 1-800-332-0317, option 1.
  2. Complete the form and follow mailing instructions.

What You Need to File a Claim Form

  • Tracking or Label number: found on the online label record, package label, mailing, or sales receipt. Learn more about tracking numbers.
  • Proof of value: you will need to show the item’s value or estimated repair costs using any of the following:
    • A sales receipt
    • A paid invoice or paid bill of sale
    • Statement of value and/or estimates of repair costs from a reputable dealer
    • A credit card billing statement
    • Receipt of costs incurred for the reconstruction of non-negotiable documents
    • Printouts of the online transaction identifying the purchaser and seller, the price paid, date of transaction, description of the item purchased, and assurance that the transaction status is completed.
  • Evidence of insurance purchased:
    • The original mailing receipt issued at the time of mailing
    • The outer packaging showing the names and addresses of the sender and the addressee and the proper label showing that the article was sent insured
    • A printed electronic online label record or a computer printout from the application used to print the label and purchase the insurance. If purchased via ShippingEasy, learn how to locate proof of purchase from ShippingEasy.
  • As applicable, proof of damage or loss of contents: if your customer received a damaged item or items are missing from a package, tell them to hang on to the contents they received and the associated packing materials until your claim is settled. They may be asked to take them to their local Post Office for inspection.

More questions? Check out for more details about insurance claims.


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