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ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing Dashboard gives you a complete picture of your campaign activity, providing integral metrics and better insight into your marketing activity. There are six sections to provide you a holistic view of your overall marketing reach.

Learn more about Customer Marketing.

Navigate to the MARKETING tab from anywhere in ShippingEasy. This will take you to the Customer Marketing Dashboard.  You may also hover over the MARKETING tab and select MARKETING DASHBOARD.

Customer Overview


Customer Overview details

New Customers: Number of new, previously unexisting customers that have purchased from your store.




Signup details

  1. Signup Count - Total number of Signups
  2. Most Recent Signup Date -  Number of new signups over a period of time in a bar chart format.
  3. Number Signups - Amount of new signups




Orders details

  1. Total Revenue:  Total dollar amount received in the specified time frame.
  2. Total Orders:  Total number of orders received in the specified time frame.
  3. Avg. Order Value: Average amount spent per order by your customers.
  4. Avg. Items/Order: Average number of items per order by your customers.


Regular Campaigns


Regular Campaigns details

  1. Campaign Revenue:  Amount of revenue generated for your store by your marketing campaigns.
  2. Emails Sent:  Number of emails sent.
  3. Open Rate: Percentage of emails opened.


Automated Campaigns


Automated Campaigns details

  1. Campaign Revenue: Amount of revenue generated for your store by your marketing campaigns.
  2. Emails Sent: Number of emails sent.
  3. Open Rate: Percentage of emails opened.


General Information/Side Bar


General Information/Side Bar details

  1. Total Customers:  All total customers.
  2. Campaign Credits Remaining: This shows the number of email credits remaining on the account. Selecting "Buy More Credits" allows you to purchase Customer Marketing email bundles from this page.
  3. Total Email Revenue Generated (all time, all campaigns): A sum of all revenue generated from your marketing campaigns.
  4. View Your Campaign: Direct links to your regular and automated campaigns.
  5. Product Recommendations: Configure your product recommendations to include on your Packing Slips, Shipment Notification Emails, and Automated Email Campaigns. Learn more.
  6. Customer Marketing FAQs: Quick links to our top Customer Marketing Knowledgebase articles.
  7. Help Center: Direct links to the Customer Management section of the Knowledge Base and Marketing Resources hub - a resource and reference area for Customer Marketing-enable users to find guides on industry tips, best practices, and standards. You can also directly access scheduled help from an in-house Customer Management specialist.


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