What should I do about order weight if it is not included on my store?

A few of the store platforms that integrate with ShippingEasy do not offer the option to set up the item weight on your store. Additionally, it can be a lot of work to set it up, so we understand that some of our customers may opt not to.

ShippingEasy offers some tools that may assist with assigning weight to your shipments.

Custom packaging (with weight) and Shipping Presets:

If you create a custom package with an override weight, this can then be combined with your standard carrier/service selection using our Shipping Presets tool.

Shipping Rules:

Once you have created a Shipping Preset with custom package and assigned override weight, you can further automate your process by setting up a Shipping Rule that automatically applies the weight to your shipments. This is particularly useful if you ship one at a time.


Should you ship by batches instead (as Shipping Rules only "stick" to individual orders), you might prefer to use Shipping Rules to assign Categories to your orders. Filtering by Categories on the ORDERS page will make grouping your batches easier. Once batched, your new Shipping Preset can be applied to the batch on the BATCHES page.

Estimated Weight:

ShippingEasy also has an Estimated Weight feature. This is a Shipping Rule that will automatically estimate your order weight based on your previous shipments. Learn more here.


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