Troubleshoot: Distorted logo on packing slips

ShippingEasy's Brand package feature, which is included in all our paid plans is a great way to boost your company's visibility across all shipping materials. Starter plans can upgrade to Basic or above to add this feature. Learn more.

However, that can become a bit of a problem if your logo appears distorted on your packing slips!

This may be due to the sizing. Review the table below of the recommended logo sizes for each packing slip and then follow these steps to make sure your image lines up! 

Packing Slip Format Orientation Max Width Max Height
4" x 6" Portrait
(combo label & packing slip)
260 px 90 px
Landscape 194 px 67 px
8.5" x 11"  Portrait 270 px 100 px
Landscape 270 px 100 px



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