How long does it take for my orders to download after I have added my store?

For most store platforms, order download starts immediately after you have added a store. As orders are downloaded, ShippingEasy validates each order's address which could take up to 1-2 seconds per order.

On initial sync, ShippingEasy will retrieve several days of unshipped order history. The specific number depends on the platform.

Store platform Initial download of unshipped orders
Shift4Shop 14 Days
Amazon 14 Days
Americommerce 14 Days
BigCommerce 14 Days
Bonanza 14 Days
ChannelAdvisor 14 Days
eBay 14 Days
Ecwid 14 Days
Etsy 14 Days
Jane 14 Days
Magento 1 and 2 14 Days
Newegg 14 Days
Paypal 45 Days
Reverb 14 Days
Sears 12 Days
Shopify 14 Days
Solid Commerce 14 Days
SpreeCommerce 14 Days
Squarespace 14 Days
StitchLabs 10 Weeks
Storenvy 14 Days
Stripe 14 Days
Volusion 14 Days
Walmart 7 Days
Wish 14 Days
WooCommerce 14 Days
Yahoo 14 Days


Some stores permit custom statuses. So depending on the settings that you select during account setup, not all unshipped orders may sync.

Learn more about custom statuses for these stores:

Please be patient and refresh your orders page every few minutes to view your shipments - it could take up to 10 minutes for all of your orders to initially display depending on the volume.

For some integrations, information is sent to ShippingEasy rather than received.


If you have problems that require extra assistance, please reach out to our team.

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