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GlobalPost is a carrier that offers a range of international services. The carrier is available within ShippingEasy to help you save time by consolidating orders across e-commerce channels and enabling detailed tracking visibility. GlobalPost offers many features not offered by traditional international carrier services, allowing them to make shipping fast, affordable, and secure. Learn more about GlobalPost.

GlobalPost Services:

  • GlobalPost Economy: supports delivery to 200 countries.

  • GlobalPost Standard: supports delivery to 38 countries with door-to-door tracking. Contact GlobalPost for a full list.

    *GlobalPost does NOT ship to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan

  • GlobalPost Plus: support delivery to Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

GlobalPost features:

  • No Customs Forms: Send Customs electronically – no forms to print. A domestic label will be printed, and the shipment will get an international customs form applied at the GlobalPost consolidation facility.

  • Instant International Refunds: No need to track refund requests that can take up to 2 weeks.

  • Fast delivery: 6‑10 days when you choose GlobalPost Standard.

  • Free Pick-Up Service: Schedule pick-ups when convenient for you (select markets only).

  • Insurance Coverage: Get worry-free shipping with $100 of replacement coverage.

  • Dedicated customer service

  • No hidden fees: No fuel surcharges or residential delivery fees added.

Enabling GlobalPost

Accessing GlobalPost services requires a careful account review. Contact ShippingEasy Customer Support to request approval. Then your postage account can be enabled for GlobalPost services.

How does GlobalPost work?

When you request a GlobalPost label, you will print out a domestic USPS label. Apply the domestic label and hand the package off to the USPS. From there, your package will be delivered to the GlobalPost consolidation facility and it will be delivered to your international recipient.

For help with claims, tracking, or technical support on Global Advantage shipments, email GlobalPost Support.

If you need to file a GAP loss protection claim, download a copy and complete this form and email the form as a saved attachment to

How do I manage my GlobalPost labels?

GlobalPost Postage Billing:

When you generate a GlobalPost label, it will be deducted from your One Balance account.

Cancelling GlobalPost Labels:

You can cancel any GlobalPost label within 30 days of the label creation date. As long as it has not already been scanned by the carrier, you will receive an automatic refund back to your One Balance account. No more waiting up to a month for refunds!

Creating Return Labels via GlobalPost:

GlobalPost does not support return labels. Learn more about creating return labels for international shipments.

Can I insure my GlobalPost shipment?

Yes. You can insure GlobalPost shipments via Shipsurance. Learn more about using Shipsurance.

Can I schedule a package pickup for GlobalPost shipments?

To be eligible for free package pickups with GlobalPost, customers must be located in Chicago, LA, NY, or Miami and meet a shipment volume requirement. The pickups have to be coordinated through ShippingEasy and Stamps. You can reach out to customer service for more information on package pickup.

Does the Global Advantage Program support labels in different languages?

No, at this moment only standard English characters are supported on labels.



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