Manage Fulfillment by Amazon Stock Levels

Available to Existing Inventory Management Subscribers

This feature is only available to existing Inventory Management subscribers. Non-Inventory Management subscribers can learn more about using the ShippingEasy Product Catalog.

We are not currently opening Inventory Management to new users or developing new features or functionality for our Inventory solution. This means that at this time we cannot address the issues you have with the current system.

If you need an inventory solution that lets you add your third-party fulfillment provider to your account, our sister company ShipStation may be a better solution for you.

To make it easy to view your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) stock, ShippingEasy automatically displays your FBA products, SKUs, and inventory levels, along with all other inventory levels on the PRODUCT CATALOG.


This video goes over how the ShippingEasy inventory management system works with the FBA service from See how to turn on FBA tracking, and even turn merchant fulfilled orders into FBA orders.

This allows for better visibility of your products fulfilled by Amazon, giving you more accurate data and reporting. Tracking FBA stock levels keep you up to date on what products are selling well and need to be restocked. Learn more about using Amazon Fulfillment Network with ShippingEasy.

You can further configure this option in the STORES & ORDERS settings.


This feature is only supported on US-based Amazon stores.

If you would like to see this feature added to another country, please provide your feedback in our Inventory Management forums.

Enable Inventory Tracking for Amazon Fulfillment Network Stock

  1. Click the Edit Store Settings link for the store you would like to import FBA inventory levels.

  2. Uncheck the box next to Display FBA available quantity on the "Products" tab under the "Inventory Management" section if you no longer want to display this quantity on the PRODUCT CATALOG.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


Report my FBA inventory to non-Amazon stores

ShippingEasy's Inventory Management feature gives you the option to report your FBA inventory to your non-Amazon stores.

If you have enabled the option for sending Total Available stock (my location + FBA) to the store, ShippingEasy will send a stock update when either your store or the FBA Available stock level for a product changes.

This makes it easy for you to see your total inventory available across all of your stores, giving you the most accurate reflection of your stock levels.

To report FBA Inventory to non-Amazon stores:

  1. Locate the store you would like to report inventory for and select Edit store settings.

    Shows the checkbox to Edit Store settings
  2. Click on the "Product" tab and under Inventory Management, check the box next to Set available stock at store.

  3. Click on the dropdown menu under Available stock updates to match and select Total Available stock (my location + FBA).


Your stock levels will be updated on the next sync.


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