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Many of the Customer Marketing tools are open to all ShippingEasy users.
We welcome you to explore these solutions and discover new ways to reach customers.

Contact lists are used when sending a Regular Campaign. Learn more about Campaigns. When creating an email campaign, there are two strategies.

  1. Create an email marketing message first. Then define a Contact List that will respond strongly to your message.
  2. Decide who you want to target first. Then build an email that's specifically designed for the known audience.

The Contact List can make or break the success of a Campaign. Contact Lists are most powerful when segmented in a way that your email message resonates with everyone on the list. By delivering meaningful content to your contacts, you will keep their attention over time and reduce opt-outs. Learn more.

If you've already created a Contact List, you can add or remove Contacts from it. Learn how to edit a contact list.

With ShippingEasy's Contact database and filters, you're able to narrowly define who you want to contact. Learn more about filtering contacts.

Which contacts are included in the "All Contacts" list?

Customer Marketing automatically creates an All Contacts list that includes every contact on your Contacts page and is updated automatically as new customers are added. Within the All Contacts list, only eligible contacts will receive emails. Eligible means that the contact has not unsubscribed and has not had any bounced emails. This means that you do not need to manually keep track of which customers are eligible for email marketing - ShippingEasy will do it for you!

Whether you start with the email or the audience, it's easy to put together a Contact List.

Create a stand-alone Contact List

  1. Click MARKETING and select CONTACTS from the navigation bar. 
  2. Select the customers you want to include on the list.
    Use the filters to refine your list of contacts, then select all at once. Learn more.
  3. Select the "Add to List" button and select +Create New List
  4. Name your new list, add a description and click "Create List".
  5. Your new list is saved to the Contact Lists page. Find it by navigating to CONTACTS >> LISTS.
Now it's time to put your Contacts List to work!
  • If you have a Campaign Template saved: you're ready to send a Regular Campaign. Learn more.
  • If you opted to create the Contact List first: the next step is to create a Campaign Template. Learn more.

Create a Contact List when saving new contacts

  1. Click MARKETING and select CONTACTS from the navigation bar.
  2. Click the +Add Contacts button and select a form from the drop-down that you want to include on the list. You can:
    • Add Single Contact (form): Enter contact information one by one, shown in the example below.
    • Add Many Contacts (paste): Copy and paste multiple emails of contacts. You can put each email address on a separate row or put a space or comma between each email address. ShippingEasy has a limit of 5,000 email addresses that can be added at a time. Learn more.
    • Upload Contacts (.csv): Upload contact information via a csv. Learn more.

  3. Enter your contact's email address.
  4. Click the Add Additional Information link.
  5. In the Lists section, add the contact to a brand new list by typing in the name of the new list and clicking Create List.
  6. Click the Add Customers button to save.

Create a Contact List for an email campaign that's ready to send

  1. Click MARKETING and select EMAIL CAMPAIGNS from the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the tab "Regular" and then click the name of the Regular Campaign you would like to add customers to.
  3. Click on the "Audience" tab on the workflow bar at the top.
  4. On the Configure your audience page, click on the tab "Create a New List"
  5. Select from a list of customers: On the Contact List page, select the customer you want to be included on the list.
  6. Click the Add to List button and select +Create New List
  7. Name your new list, add a description and click "Create List".
  8. Click the "return to your campaign" link in the blue message across the top of your screen to navigate back to the campaign.
  9. On the Configure your audience page, clicking on the name of the list will add those contacts to your campaign.

Create a new Contact List from a previous Campaign

This workflow is available to subscribers of Customer Marketing.
Learn how to add Customer Marketing to your plan.

As buyers respond to your email campaign by making a follow-on purchase, they are automatically added to a CM list that contains only the buyers who made a purchase after receiving the campaign. This makes it much easier for you to identify those buyers for future campaigns.

  1. Click MARKETING and select EMAIL CAMPAIGNS from the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the name of the completed campaign you want to create a list from.
  3. On the Campaign Results page, click the "Total Recipient Reached" link to view the contact list that was used in this campaign.
    Alternatively, you can click on the recipient statistics on the dashboard to create a new list based on these results of the campaign:
    • Revenue Generated
    • Delivery
    • Opens
    • Opt-Outs
    • Clicks
  4. Click on the name of the contact.
  5. Click on the Manage Lists button.
  6. Click Create a New List link in the modal box.
  7. Type in the name of the list.
  8. Check the box next to the list to add the contact to it.


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