How do I know if I am using ConnectEasy?

This guide will help you to determine if your ShippingEasy account is using ConnectEasy to send print jobs directly to your printer, or if it is set up to print to PDF only - sending print jobs to another tab in your web browser.

For help troubleshooting a ConnectEasy problem, take a look at our ConnectEasy Troubleshooting guide.

What color is the ConnectEasy status printer icon?

ShippingEasy provides a ConnectEasy Status printer icon next to DEVICES & HARDWARE under SHIPPING.


If the printer icon is visible, your account is set up to use ConnectEasy. The color of the icon, however, can indicate a possible problem with the ConnectEasy app on your computer.

  • A green icon indicates the ConnectEasy client app on your computer is running and making a connection.

  • A yellow icon indicates some ConnectEasy client apps are not available if using ConnectEasy with more than one computer and printer.

  • A red icon indicates none of your ConnectEasy client apps are available.

For help troubleshooting a yellow or red icon status, view our ConnectEasy Troubleshooting guide.

Do your Print buttons include "PDF"?

Hover your cursor over the Print/Reprint buttons on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page:

If the button text reads "Print Label" or "Reprint Label": you are using ConnectEasy. Labels should print directly to your printer.


If the button text reads "Print Label (PDF)" or "Reprint Label (PDF)": ConnectEasy is not being used. Labels will be opened as PDF files in another web browser tab. You can then use the browser's Print dialog to send the PDF file to your printer.


USPS Scan Forms PDF Only

It is not possible to check for ConnectEasy based on the Print buttons in the USPS SCAN Form page. USPS SCAN Forms will always open as a PDF file in a web browser.

Have you set up ConnectEasy before?

Check your ConnectEasy settings by clicking the SETTINGS tab from the side menu and selecting CONNECTEASY located under the DEVICES and HARDWARE section.

devices and hardware then ConnectEasy

If the page displays "Set up ConnectEasy": your account is not using ConnectEasy.



For help setting up ConnectEasy, view our Configure ConnectEasy guide.

If the page displays the "Download" buttons, ConnectEasy credentials, and "Configure" buttons: your account is using, or has used, ConnectEasy in the past.


How are your Printer settings configured?

Check your Printer settings by clicking the SETTINGS tab from the blue menu bar and selecting PRINTER CONFIGURATION located under the DEVICES and HARDWARE section.

Devices and hardware screen with printer configuration option highlighted.

If the "Printer Configuration" only lists the option for PDF and a "Set Up ConnectEasy" button: your account is not currently using ConnectEasy.



For help setting up ConnectEasy, view our Configure ConnectEasy guide.

If the "Printer Configuration" lists at least one additional Print to option and an active "Add Printer" menu: your account is using ConnectEasy.



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