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ShippingEasy REPORTS include a number of preconfigured reports. These reports accommodate the reporting needs of most shipping operations. They can also be scheduled to be emailed to you on a recurring basis. Though the columns cannot be edited or rearranged, they make for easy access to your shipping data. Learn more about REPORTS.

The Complete Shipping Report includes data on all shipments stored in ShippingEasy within a specified date range.

Shipments include:

Data included in the Complete Shipping Report

  • Ship Date

  • User

  • Order Date

  • Order Total (Total amount you paid including the item cost, shipping charge and taxes)

  • Discount Amount

  • Sales Tax

  • Store

  • Order Number

  • Ship From

  • Ship From Address

  • Recipient

  • Recipient Billing Address

  • Recipient Shipping Address

  • Email Address

  • Carrier

  • Rate Provider

  • Service Type

  • Package Type

  • Confirmation Option

  • Quantity

  • Weight (oz)

  • Zone

  • Destination Country

  • Destination City

  • Destination State/Province

  • Tracking Number

  • Shipping Paid (By Customer)

  • Postage Cost

  • Insurance Cost

  • Total Shipping Cost

  • Total Wholesale Price

  • Shipping Margin

  • SKU

  • Warehouse Bin (displays the current Warehouse Bin from the Product Catalog)

  • Item Name

  • Return

In some cases, data may be excluded:

  • No data is reported for shipments that have been cancelled.

  • If the shipment does not have data (tracking, insurance, etc.) the cell will not have information.

*When reports contain Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) orders, ShippingEasy will anonymized the data in fields containing personally identifiable information (PII). In these fields, Data_Unavailable will be displayed:

  • Recipient

  • Recipient Billing Address

  • Recipient Shipping Address



2021 eBay Tax Shipping Fees Annual Report is NOT available to people on the Starter plan.

I thought I'd only be able to get some leftover from December of 2021, but if you go to the Sidebar: Shipping > One Balance & Carriers > Online Reports from (it's kinda small in blue text under that box). HERE - for report type - you do transactions... it's pretty straight forward, kinda lame you're going off the date, but totally passable.

As far as the indirect expenses you're going to want to deduct that monthly subscription cost, which is Dashboard > Update Account Details > Subscription & Billing > Invoices THAT will get you those monthly subscription deductions.

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You should be able to find the eBay Tax Shipping Fees Annual Report on eBay.  After reviewing the eBay Community posts, you can go to Seller Hub>Payments>Reports. The dates will have to be adjusted. 

In ShippingEasy, Starter Plans do not have access to REPORTS. 

Here is the Year-End Shipping Report for Taxes article for reference. 

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