OneSaas is a platform for managing your online business that allows you to connect multiple cloud solutions and set up custom workflows between those systems. OneSaas integrates directly with ShippingEasy so that you can receive your orders from OneSaas and ship them to your customers in ShippingEasy.

When you connect OneSaas to ShippingEasy, OneSaas will send orders to ShippingEasy from your OneSaas account. Once your orders are shipped, OneSaas will pull shipment and tracking information from ShippingEasy and send it back to the platforms you have connected to your OneSaas account.

OneSaas Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • You must have a live account with OneSaas.

Order Import Requirements:

  • OneSaas runs an automatic sync to send your orders to ShippingEasy. Manually syncing your OneSaas store in ShippingEasy will have no effect.

  • OneSaas allows you to completely customize which order statuses are sent to ShippingEasy. All orders are pushed to ShippingEasy with the status of Awaiting Shipment.

Connect a OneSaas Account to ShippingEasy

How to connect OneSaas to an existing ShippingEasy account

  1. Select OneSaas from the Platform drop-down menu.

  2. Enter the following URL in the Store URL field, then click Save:



    If you enter any other URL into this field, the integration will not work.

  3. Log into your OneSaas account in a new browser window.

  4. Select Add Connection from your Apps Dashboard. Locate ShippingEasy and click Authorize.

  5. Return to ShippingEasy. Go to SETTINGS and click on the API CREDENTIALS page.

  6. Copy the API Key in ShippingEasy.

  7. Return to OneSaas. Paste the copied ShippingEasy API Key into the API Key field.

  8. Return to your ShippingEasy API CREDENTIALS page. Copy the API Secret.

  9. Return to OneSaas. Paste the copied ShippingEasy API Secret into the API Secret field.

  10. Return to ShippingEasy. Go to SETTINGS and click on the STORES & ORDERS page.

  11. Copy the Store API Key from the entry for your OneSaas account.

  12. Return to OneSaas. Paste the copied ShippingEasy Store API Key into the Store API Key field, then click Apply.


    Your ShippingEasy account is now connected and authorized with your OneSaas file. The final step is to configure your integration in OneSaas.

  13. Click Configure Integrations at the bottom of the page in your OneSaas Apps Dashboard.

  14. Make your way through the configuration process by selecting Next after configuring each page.

  15. On the Review Integrations page, assign a start date, choose your time zone, and set your sync time for OneSaas to sync your orders to ShippingEasy. Click Synchronize to run your first sync.


That's it! Your account is connected to ShippingEasy!

OneSaas Order Data

OneSaas Standard Data Supported

ShippingEasy's OneSaas integration supports the following features and order data fields:

OneSaas Integration Notes

Syncing Orders

  • If you cancel an order in OneSaas, OneSaas will not remove the order from ShippingEasy.

  • If you create a manual order in ShippingEasy, the order will not be sent back into OneSaas. Only orders that are sent from OneSaas to ShippingEasy can be updated in OneSaas.

  • Product details, such as weight and product options, will only import into ShippingEasy with your OneSaas orders if they are supported by the ecommerce platforms that the orders are from.

Troubleshoot Missing Orders

There are a few things that may prevent OneSaas from sending an order to ShippingEasy:

  • The order has an incomplete shipping address. If you update the order address in OneSaas, the updated address will not be sent to ShippingEasy. You must edit the address in ShippingEasy.

  • The order is missing a contact.

  • OneSaas receives a miscalculation error from one of your other integrated ecommerce platforms or accounting system. This may happen if you are using a custom or special discount, coupon, or tax codes. Please contact OneSaas Support for assistance with these errors.

Combining and Splitting Orders

  • If you combine two or more OneSaas orders in ShippingEasy, only one order will be updated with shipment and tracking information in OneSaas.

  • If you split a OneSaas order in ShippingEasy, only one tracking number will update to the order in OneSaas.

Email Notifications

OneSaas does not send shipment notification emails to customers. However, the ecommerce platforms you have integrated with OneSaas may send email notifications to your customers. To prevent duplicate emails, please review your email notification settings in your ecommerce platforms and ShippingEasy.


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