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The ShippingEasy's REPORTS dashboard provides a snapshot of your recent shipping history broken down by various metrics.

Report Availability


Selecting any of the Reports with an asterisk * will open a new page showing the data pulled from selections you made on the "Stores" and "Date Range" drop-downs. You can export any of these reports onto your desktop by selecting the Export Report button.

  1. Store: A drop-down menu allows for views of:

    • All Stores

    • Store (account specific)

    • Manual Orders

  2. Report Date Range: Generate a date-specific report using the first calendar to select the starting date and the second calendar to select the ending date.

  3. Shipping Reports *: A drop-down menu with options to view:

  4. Order Reports *: Unshipped Order Reports show:

  5. Product Sales Reports *: A drop-down menu with options to view:

    • All

    • Unshipped

    • Shipped

  6. Inventory Reports: A drop-down menu with options to view:

  7. Custom Reports *: Create a custom report that you can email yourself daily, weekly, or monthly. 

  8. Shipping Destinations: A pie chart of Shipping Destinations includes Zones 1-8 plus International/NA.

  9. Shipping Services: A bar chart for Shipping Services includes the Selected Range, Year-to-Date, and the corresponding Shipping Service.  Specific services listed will vary based on carriers integrated with your ShippingEasy account.

  10. Recent Shipments: List of Recent Shipments including:

    • Ship Date

    • Order Number

    • Recipient

    • Carrier

    • Shipping Paid

    • Shipping Cost

    • Insurance Cost

    • Shipping Margin

Tax Reports

If you are looking for reports specifically for tax season, check out our article Year-End Shipping Report for Taxes.


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