Why can't I buy labels with an exact amount in my account?

It is possible to purchase labels with the exact amount in your One Balance account. However, this is only possible when purchasing from the ORDERS page or READY TO SHIP page.

This can be done on-demand or set up to automatically refill:

If you prefer to complete the transaction on your ORDERS or READY TO SHIP page, you can add postage to your account in the following ways:

On the ORDERS page

If you create a manual order or select an existing order and use the Quick Ship button but do not have an adequate postage balance, a popup window will be displayed alerting you.
With a single click, you purchase the required amount of postage to print the label. oops_postage_balance_too_low.PNGThis popup window also includes an option to setup auto-postage refills to prevent insufficient postage in the future.

On the READY TO SHIP page

If you return one or more shipments to the READY TO SHIP page, you can work around this restriction. On the READY TO SHIP page, select the  Buy Label / Buy & Print Label option to allow the purchase.


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