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Sometimes you need to quickly edit an individual order item, mark it as shipped, add a note, or edit a weight. We make it easy to edit individual orders right from the ORDERS page!

Under the actions Actions menu, you will find a number of options:

actions_menu_-_order_page.png Create Shipment Send the order to the READY TO SHIP page. It will be waiting in the pending order queue until you're ready to make your carrier selections.
Mark as Shipped Move the order to your SHIPMENT HISTORY without purchasing a label. Great for orders picked up in-store or processed by a third party drop shipper. An e-mail is not sent to the customer for these shipments as no label was created with ShippingEasy. Learn more about marking an order as shipped.
Edit Weight Update the weight on the fly. Perfect for prepping orders for Buy Label.
Edit Order Make edits to any order before it is shipped. You can also access the Edit Orders page by clicking the notepad icon to the left of the edit/ship drop-down menu.
Split Order Items Allows orders to be split out by quantity of single item order and/or split out the items in a multiple line item order. Learn more about the process of splitting an order.
Add Notes Record important details for your team, such as an address change or customer request. These notes can also be added to the Packing Slip template. Learn more about internal and customer notes.
Browse Rates Compare USPS services for which the order's weight qualifies. Selecting a rate will move the order to the READY TO SHIP page. 



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