USPS Commercial Pricing | Overview

USPS offers various high-volume discounts which make shipping large quantities cost-effective. Savvy eCommerce merchants take advantage of price-reduced postage through Commercial Pricing.

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What is USPS Commercial Pricing?

Also known as Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP), this is a USPS discount available for an annual shipping volume of more than 50,000 units/year. That may seem like a lot, but it can be a reasonable projection when running a booming online business.

A key requirement is, Commercial Pricing requires a contractual agreement with the USPS.

Volume Requirements for USPS Commercial Pricing

The following are the annual shipment volume requirements for each USPS service:

  • Priority Mail: 50,000+ pieces

  • Priority Mail Express: 5,000+ pieces

  • International: $100,000+ in postage value (with limits on what type of mail qualifies)


Businesses of all sizes can get Commercial Pricing through online shipping solutions, such as ShippingEasy.

One of the greatest advantages of ShippingEasy is that you can get commercial discounts without the hassle of negotiating your own contract

Learn more about ShippingEasy's rates on USPS postage.

Savings with Commercial Pricing over USPS Retail

Anytime you check discounts, make sure the discounts are up to date. At the time of this writing (January 2020) the discounts* are as follows:

  • First-Class Package Service: up to 28% off retail price for shipments less than 13 oz. At least 33% and up to 59% over retail rates for parcels weight between 14 and 15.9 oz.

  • Priority Mail: an average of 17% off retail.

  • Priority Mail Express: up to 13% off retail price.

  • First-Class Package Intl. Service: up to 5% off retail price.

  • Priority Mail International: up to 8% off retail price.

  • Priority Mail Express International: up to 5% off retail prices.


The exact discount of any package depends on the service, shipment weight, dimensions, zone, and/or country price group.

Savings are significant. See for yourself with a 30-day free trial of ShippingEasy.

USPS Services Eligible for Commercial Pricing

The following service types are supported by Commercial Pricing:

  • First-Class Package Service (domestic)

    • Weight-based packages (by zone)

  • Priority Mail (domestic)

    • Flat Rate boxes and envelopes

    • Regional Rate boxes

    • Weight-based packages (by zone and dimensions)

  • Priority Mail Express (domestic)

    • Flat Rate envelopes

    • Weight-based packages (by zone and dimensions)

  • First-class Package International Service (FCPIS)

    • Weight-based packages (by country price group)

  • Priority Mail International (PMI)

    • Flat Rate boxes and envelopes

    • Weight-based packages (by country price group)

  • Priority Mail Express International (PMEI)

    • Flat Rate envelopes

    • Weight-based packages (by country price group)

NOT supported by Commercial Pricing:

  • First-class Mail

  • First-class Mail International

  • Parcel Select Ground

  • Library Mail

  • Media Mail

  • All other USPS service types not expressly listed in the supported USPS service types above


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