International rate increases announced by Universal Postal Union on July 1, 2020

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is the governing body that helps postal services around the globe facilitate the delivery of mail and packages among each other. The UPU announced an international rate increase starting July 1, 2020. To better reflect cost structures, the rate increase for Inbound Packets (international, ultra-lightweight shipments) into the United States will now be set at a rate of 70% of US domestic rates. Learn more about the UPU rate increase.

About the Inbound Packet rate change:

The USPS is not raising rates across the board on July 1. The specific rates that change are the packet rates, especially for inbound packet shipments into the US. The retail rate itself is not changing; normal USPS price increases will occur at a later time in early 2021. The current change affects only bulk mailers and shippers.

Impact to ShippingEasy Subscribers:

If you are a large, international shipper getting discounted USPS shipping rates through a consolidator, you may see a significant rate increase starting July 1, 2020, due to the USPS International price change. ShippingEasy customers who use USPS One Balance for single package international shipping labels will not see a rate increase on this date. Still, it is important to check your specific rates as of July 1 to see if your rates are affected.

ShippingEasy customers who are using international delivery through GlobalPost will be protected from the USPS international rate increase. GlobalPost has its own agreements with international carriers to weather price increases like the ones coming July 1. As a result, most merchants will not see a price increase as of July 1. Learn more about Global Post.



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