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Adding your logo to your shipping labels adds strength to your brand by increasing customer recognition while expressing your company's personality. In addition to labels, having your logo on your packing slip and in notification emails, are included with all paid subscriptions (Basic and above plans).

Logo on Shipping Labels - Feature Highlights:

Restrictions for Logos on Shipping Labels:

There are a few situations when it is not possible to print logos on shipping labels.
ShippingEasy does not support printing logos on:

  • Amazon Prime labels
  • Non-USPS carrier labels
  • International labels
  • US territory labels
  • Military mail labels
  • Formats 4"x5" or 4"x8" labels
  • First-Class Large Envelope/Flat

In addition, Starter subscribers cannot customize the logo shown on labels. Instead, Starter plan subscribers will see the ShippingEasy logo featured on eligible labels.

Image Recommendations for Shipping Labels:

  • Image must be 1 MB or smaller.
  • Image must be a 16bit JPG or PNG file format.
    Note, 8bit images are not supported.
  • Rectangular images will display best.
  • Maximum image dimensions are 360 pixels wide (width) and 130 pixels tall (height).
    Any resizing required to fit the maximum dimensions will be done automatically, and proportionally.
    For example, an image that is 720 pixels wide and 130 pixels tall would be resized to be 360 x 65.
  • Image attributes can be changed with a photo editing program, such as Photoshop, Acorn, or GIMP.

To Assign a Logo to One Balance Domestic Labels

These steps will need to be followed for each store connected to ShippingEasy. Once each store has a logo saved, it is displayed on any labels printed for that store's orders.

  1. Go to the SETTINGS tab from any page on your ShippingEasy account. Click on STORES & ORDERS under INTEGRATION

  2. Select the store for which you would like to upload a logo. Beneath the store's information, click Edit store settings.
  3. On the next screen, under the "Branding" tab, locate the Select store logo for USPS Labels field. Click Select.
  4. A window will open, allowing you to upload from your computer. Find the image and then click Select. The new image will be used as the logo on your labels.
  5. Don't forget to click Save at the bottom of your Store Info settings to save your changes.

Now, any labels printed for this store's orders will feature your logo!

Is your logo still missing from your labels? Check out our troubleshooting guide.

To Remove a Logo from One Balance Domestic Labels

To print labels without your store logo, remove the logo from your STORES & ORDERS settings.

  2. Select the store, from which the order was placed, and click Edit store settings.
  3. On the Branding tab, remove the file from the setting "Select a store logo for USPS labels"
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
    Repeat these steps for any other stores that you do not want to print logos on labels for.


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